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Summer goodness…

Lucy – Summer 07′

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The first day of nothingness….

Friday was my last day of work. As excited as I was, it felt like my last day of ninth grade. I was all excited, but it also held a deep feeling of sadness as I walked out the door and a little bit of nervousness at what is coming next.

I got over it by the time I got home…

The weekend was great… we hung out with new friends, read a great book, met new neighbors and
hung out and played with the kids. It’s a nice feeling knowing we have absolutely zero we “have ” to do. Other than some things that we want to do… it’s pretty much open to whoever throws a good idea out there.

Today we thought about maybe going to the gym. Grabbing a few movies and vegging out is currently winning, but we’ll see. I’d love to catch up on some reading… and for the next six days, anything is possible.



Today starts my last week at my current job…but who’s counting? I’ll then have a full week off before I start my new job. To say I’ve been a little distracted over the last month is a huge understatement. Just about every major life changed happened to us at once, but now that the dust is clearing a bit, I feel like I am breathing again.
There’s a good reason people give two weeks notice and move on with their lives. I gave them six weeks. That was probably five weeks and three days longer than my head could handle.
I’m looking forward to this next chapter in our lives… it seems that we have been trying to turn this page for awhile. There’s lots to be learned and more changes headed our way and all I can say is that I am so ready for it all.

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