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The UM-FIU fallout

By now, I’m sure the whole county has seen the UM and FIU brawl replayed endlessly on t.v. If not, you can watch it here. Should the seasons for these two programs be cancelled as some here in RVA have suggested?(Here and here.) I think not. Yes, they acted like thugs. Yes, the conferences should punish some of these players, even suspend them for the rest of the season. But to cancel a season? What will that accomplish, other than to penalize allot of players that were not involved in the fight. These players would loose their scholarships, their education, etc. These programs should be fined heavily, and the players that acted like thugs, be prosecuted just like they would be had they done that outside the football field. If every football program was cancelled on account of how some of their players acted, where would VA Tech be? or FSU? Colorado or even Harvard? Should Frank Beamer still have his job after this latest incident?
Don’t get me wrong. The players should be penalized, coaches should be held accountable in some way. I don’t pretend to have the answer, but I know cancelling these programs over this fight is not the answer. Obviously, there are major problems in collegiate athletics, but penalizing kids who are playing football to receive an education is not the answer. What do you all think?

BTW, I will admit to being a Golden Panther, so I am slightly biased in this conversation.

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