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pet peeves…

A “nature burger” with fake grill marks painted on it.

Prank phone calls like the guy who called me selling light bulbs for the blind. Ha-ha. Very funny. You are sick, mister.

Big, conceited bodies of water, especially Lake Superior.

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Conversation with Josiah…

Papa, Mama bought us beer today!

Ummmmm, what???

Yea, she bought us kid beer. Kid beer!!

Buddy, there is no such thing as kid beer. (At least I hope not, and if there was, where was it when I was growing up??)

Yes there is. She bought it at the store today. She said it’s special kid beer.

No. Really, there is no kid beer. Show me what she bought you.

He then runs to the kitchen and brings back a big bottle of sparkling cider.

OH…ok, this is not kid beer, this is like sparkly juice.


You haven’t been telling your friends mama buys you kid beer, have you?

No answer… just a big grin….

Oh, well. I guess we’ll just wait for that knock on the door from child protective services now.


An Inconvenient Truth – A Cartoon


Small clip from the movie. We watched it tonight and think everyone should watch it.

( I need to sell my suv ) *sigh*


Ze is awesome

Do you know Ze? He is the founder of The League of Awesomeness.

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Girls Growl

So the other day I’m having a conversation with Josiah in which he is explaining to me why he asked to be moved from his current table at school.

j: I wanted to move because H (a girl in his class) was bothering me.
me: how was she bothering you?
j: she growls at me.
me: (laughing) wha??? growls at you?
j: yea, she growls at me

I couldn’t help but laughing, because, well, girls do growl from time to time. I explained to him that how he responds to that growling is what matters.

j: It’s OK, she’s still my friend even if she growls at me.

There’s wisdom there my friends.

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Will the real George Washington please stand up.

This article on NPR hopes to take the boring out of George Washington, but if you really want to be entertained, watch the video below. It is the best video on Washington that can’t be watched by kids or your mother. (No,seriously, dont watch it if your mother would be easily offended; or your boss)


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