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Jackie-boy and me…

That’s me on the left, circa 1980. Jack on right, age 4


Pop tarts and video games

Josiah, Jack and I headed down to the southern outer banks yesterday for a weekend without the girls. This is about as much as a boys weekend as it can get. I hurriedly packed for all three of us yesterday morning, not really sure if I packed underwear for the boys or if I was missing anything else. Sure enough, I didn’t pack their toothbrushes and I have nothing to brush their hair with. I tried to wet their hair down, but Josiah really didn’t want me to do that, so he voted to just shave his head. I guess this is what boys do, so I figure we’ll make do.

The drive down was pretty uneventful, with the boys playing their Gamecube in the back while I zoned out to whatever was playing over the radio. Every now and then I’d look back at them through the rearview mirror and just smile. I can’t define exactly what being a dad all means… but this is as close as it gets for me right now.

We had a couple of emergency pit stops, but still managed to get down here in a good time. The realty company messed up our keys, so while we waited for the after hours person to show up, we headed down to the beach and took it in. The boys have been to the beach before, but it was like they had seen it for the first time. That’s weird for me, having lived all my life in Miami. The ocean was always there and it was always a part of my life. I miss Miami that way.

We finally got the keys and made it in, and the boys immediately discovered the Xbox in the house. I found my way into the other room to put the college ball game on and got settled in. During breaks we made our plans for this weekend. Kite flying, mini golf, sea shell hunting and maybe a dip in the water if it’s not freezing. I think we’ll make it to the aquarium at some point. After about an hour of hanging out I realize we had nothing to eat. In most cases this would be a problem, but mama packed chips, fruit roll ups and pop tarts for the ride down.

So video games and pop tarts kicked off our first night. We played into the night, watched basketball and pretty much passed out at about eleven. Today we’ll explore the town a bit and head to the beach a bit later. We miss our girls, but I’m really glad to hang out with my boys. I’m telling you, right now, this is what being a dad is all about.


Jackie-boy’s Valentine Day prayer…

I swear, I just adore this kid…

Dear Jesus I hope you had an awesome valentine’s day and i hope you had a great day too… ummm the end


Jackie-boy is four today…

Happy Birthday little buddy!! You have brought so much joy to our family. I especially love how snuggable you are and your sweet little heart! Many blessings on another year of your life.

Love you,



Jackie-boy chose his birthday dinner… it consisted of:

Corn Dogs
Corn on the cob

It couldn’t have been a better dinner!


Pictures from the back seat

Photos by Jackie-boy

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