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this is what “it” feels like…

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we are having another girl…

and you can’t imagine how insanely giddy that makes me.


what to do instead of your taxes…

I am that guy this year; the guy that waited, and waited and waited and has yet to even pull out the W-2’s. So what have I done instead?

Josiah and I watched Star Wars. Which I would have done in just about any situation. It’s always cool to sit with your kid to watch a movie that you both are as excited as the other to watch.

I ran over to our rental house (which just sold, wooohooo!) and started up the furnace for the inspection.

I am blogging. And reading everybody’s twitter about how they haven’t done their taxes.

I worked. Kinda.

I am taking the wife and kids to lunch. Uncle Sam, you can wait.


oldest mp3…

my oldest mp3 in my collection (by downloaded date) is Nirvana’s “Lithium”


Downloaded 7/28/01




well my son, well I’ve been waiting for you so long… well I can see that you’re in pain, and I know that that there’s something wrong. I know that you’ve been angry ; I know that you’ve seen hate. But you’ve gotta dig deep to the heaven above; you sit down learn and create . You gotta lose all that anger; lose all that hate. Ain’t gonna work no more. I wish the world was run by LOVE and absolutely nothing more. I lay down all my pain, I’m getting rid of my hate








it’s just a reminder…

that someone, somewhere is having a worse day than I have had…


sorry for the shitty quality of the picture, but all I had was my camera phone on me. And yes, there is a car underneath that mess, I drove by about five minutes after it had happened, and I needed to get gas… glad it wasn’t me!

Another worse, slightly crappier picture after the jump…



my day…


was pretty craptastic, and although I was dealing with some stuff that stressed me out pretty well (and if you know me… I really don’t stress out much) I stopped every now and then to put it into perspective. It seems my problems in this case (work stuff) are pretty minimal. Right now they may seem huge, but in the long run, I can’t let stuff like this bother me. Somebody, somewhere is having it worse than me. I know that to be true… so all I can do is to be thankful that I even have this opportunity to feel this way. Does this make any sense?

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We interrupt the silence to bring you this…

A text… from the wife:

I’m pregnant… Just took a test… I’m at J’s… Can’t really talk… You can text me though…Love you

God, I love her… I mean, what better way to tell your phone obsessed, technology geeked out husband than by sending a text like that???

I spent the rest of the afternoon with a silly goofy smile… the thought of another baby just about making me smile till it just about hurt.

Can you say AWESOME????


Germany…. Day 1 & 2

I finally made it to Germany… after US Air totally messed up my schedule… they upgraded me to first class on the flight to Frankfurt. It was more than a little weird for me… the social injustice in the idea of “first class” kept me awake for all of the flight… I wasn’t brave enough to ask to be downgraded to regular… but for all of the flight I had this overwhelming sense of the “haves” vs the “have nots.” It kept me up for quite awhile… Ira Glass and Garrison Keiller kept me in check for the remainder of the flight.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when I got to Germany. Beyond my expectations, the people have been kind, friendly, and most helpful. I was immediately lost in the Frankfurt Airport, and two kind Germans helped me find my way.

The days have been filled with mostly work stuff…. nothing to exciting or worth mentioning. The fun has been had at night, while trying to find spots to eat, places to drinking Dankel and Pils, and sitting around tables playings poker and silly games boys played while we were in elementary school. ( Anyone ever play table football?) The young German guy serving us in his bar promised us that we could could stay there until we wanted, and he kept his word, taking shots with our entourage until we shut the bar down.

The sense  of being a world away is  very real to me right now… I can’t quite get over the distance I feel from my family. I am happy to be here… but I would rather be home with the crew.  The reality of being half a world away has set in… And I’m not sure I like it. The people are great, the colleagues I am with are great too, but I feel a distance within that I can’t quite put into words.

I must say goodnight for now… the day has been long, we’ve been eating and drinking for quite a bit, and if If I don’t go to bed soon, I will be a mess tomorrow,… so good night from Germany my friends…….


In preparation…



Yup… I’ll be going to Bad Orb, Germany in seventeen days for a business trip, and while I’m really thankful I’m going, its driving the wife nutty that I’m not bouncing off the walls with excitement. I’m trying to get there… my mother-in-law sent me the above book, and I bought some German beer to get in the mood. It’s just that the trip marks the beginning of me being gone for twenty-two straight days (Germany, then out to Delaware and then to Indiana.)

I’m working on it, and once I get off the plane (I hate flying, btw) I’m sure I’ll be really excited to be there. For now, I’ll drink the German beer and read the German guide… I’m sure my inspiration will come soon.