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Eddie Vedder’s “No More”

Body of War


Geeked out over the vote

I’ll be watching our local results here, and the national stuff over at NPR. Get out and vote people!

I had a great experience at the polls today, with a strong showing by Webb supporters and No on 1 supporters. Everyone was extremely cordial and friendly, and from what I could tell, there seemed to be no problems with the electronic voting booths.

As I was crutching (my term for how I walk these days) towards the school, a group of older ladies approached me to speak to me about Webb. They were very sympathetic about my injury, and offered all kinds of assistance. They went on about Webb, complimenting me about how brave I was to come out and vote, and telling me how handsome I was. (And this was before I told them I was voting for Webb.) As far as campaign strategies goes, this was by far the best one I’ve ever encountered. So go out and VOTE people… it’s probably the most important thing you’ll do all day.


Yes Virginia, there is something better

Tim Kaine,Barack Obama, Bobby Scott, Doug Wilder & Mark Warner

Virginia Union University hosted a rally for Jim Webb today, and the dems didn’t disappoint. It was incredible to watch Barack Obama. I can honestly say that this man has single-handedly brought my faith back. It’s time for change people!

Watching all the heavy hitters was like watching rock stars on stage. It was inspiring to hear Sen. Obama encourage us to use our voice to make a change, and to not let our cynicism about the system paralyze us into inaction.

Remember people, it’s vote or die!

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