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Eddie Vedder’s “No More”

Body of War


I’m not going to jail today…

I’ve had this court case hanging over me for about four months now, and although I hadn’t thought about it too much, I finally faced up to it this week.

Way back in September, my company produced an event up in the fine city of Fredericksburg. We seem to have pissed off the the fire marshall up there (over something very small), because he refused to issue the necessary permits until someone from my company(me) showed up and made the necessary adjustments. What I didn’t know is that he already had a summons written up and ready for me as soon as I got there.

Needless to say, I was very polite, figuring I could talk my way out of it. No such luck. Summons issued, and I had to appear before a judge to be arraigned.

In conversations with my lawyer, she tried to reassure me with words such as continuance, dismissal, not guilty… ALL I heard was “sure, there is a possibility of jail time, but lets’ not think about that too much.”


Long story short, she was able to work out a plea with the court where it gets continued, and then dismissed in a year, provided I don’t piss off any more fire marshalls in the great state of VA. Woohooo. Way to go Mr. Public-I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO-official, thanks.


How is this for insensitive?

Josiah’s school celebrated grandparent’s day this week. Well, his marmie and opa (grandma and grandpa) live in Miami, so unfortunately he wouldn’t have them at his school on that day. He fully understood that they couldn’t come, and was OK with that. So, the other day when he gets home he tells me:

j: I had a horrible day at school today.
me: Oh no, what happened buddy?
j: Well, it was grandparents day, and all the kids had a special lunch with their grandparents in the lunchroom but me and Jordan and Priscilla had to stay in the classroom and eat our lunch there. And I had to ask to be able to sit with Jordan and Priscilla because we were sitting at different desks.
me: wtf???? (I didn’t say that, but it was what I was thinking)

What person in their right mind singles 6 year old kids out because their grandparents could not make it for whatever reasons? I can’t think of one good explanation. They could have “adopted” a grandparent for the day, or even sat with the room mother, who is a little old lady and could have been their “grandma ” for the day. We’ll see on Monday what the teacher has to say about this genius move. Is it me, or was this totally inappropriate?

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