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As I was reading Will Wheaton’s post about his evolution as a geek, I started thinking back to my teen years and certain things that would definitely qualify me as having an inner geek.

Everyday in 8th grade, my friends and I would sit at our lunch table, dice in hand, playing a Marvel Comics role playing game that was a cheap knockoff of D&D. This is ALL we talked about. I remember that I was Hercules, and my friends were Silver Surfer, Thor, and The Hulk. I picked Hercules because I was enthralled with Greek mythology.

In 9th grade, I made it on my school’s JV basketball team. I won the student-athlete award that year.

During my sophomore year, I could barely look a girl in the eye. I also started playing another weird spin off of D&D. This time it was at my church with our youth minister. We would gather at his house and roll odd shaped dice while exclaiming “My sword of righteousness beats your helmet of truth” or something like that. We would fight in the forest of apathy and in the mountains of insecurity. Weird.

I also made it to my team’s varsity basketball team. Aside from my basketball skills, I think the coach wanted me on the team to help tutor some of the other players. I again won the student-athlete award.

My social awkwardness melted away during my junior and senior years, and I gave my little inner geek friend a respite. I know my little friend is still there though, rejoicing over obscure facts, new technology, and the knowledge that one more computer in the house can never be enough.

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One of those days

Ever have one of those days when you wish you were creative/inspired/artistic even? I am having one of those days.

Sitting on the couch for the last 288 hours is not inspiring, creative or artistic. Although, it is educational, as I’ve learned lots about knee surgery, why I shouldn’t drink diet soda, conspiracy theories, and what the best kid’s show on t.v. is.
Oh yeah, I’ve watched allot of old X-Files thanks to my tivo.

I was crazy to think that after having open knee surgery (not the fun kind, where they scope your knee,but the kind where they slice into it) I would be up and about after a couple of days. Oh no, I was completely drugged for the first week, and until one or two days ago, I couldn’t get up without my leg feeling like it would explode.

Anyhoo, being laid up has given me LOTS of time to surf the web. Which brings me back to my original thought. There are so many creative, artistic and inspired people in this world. It is overwhelming if you pay attention. I’d like to mention a few that have made these last days for me by feeding my brain and soul.

My dear sister (in-law) Jen Lemen, Jeffrey Rowland, andrea @ Superhero Journal, Lifehacker, kenny @ atypical guy, Maggie Mason, the bloggers at RVA blogs and Brandon Rogers. That is such a small glimpse of all the goodness that is out there… thanks for not letting my brain turn to mush!

One day, when I grow up, I want to be like them. For now, I’d like to start thinking about things I’d like to do before I die… you should too!


Highs and Lows

Today’s High: Eight years ago, on this date, the girl of my dreams promised she would spend the rest of her life with me! Baby, you are my other, you know me like no one does, and I love you for your kindness and unconditional love.

I love your vision of the future
Your hope that never dies
But it’s your kindness that clears my skies
Yes I love your wisdom
Your knowledge of the past
Your willingness to listen
And taste for what will last
Your compassion for the suffering
And your solid happiness
But it’s your kindness that I love best

D. Wilcox

Today’s Low:

I screwed up my knee playing basketball last night. When I woke up this morning, I could barely bend it. I’m not as stubborn about going to doctors anymore, so I swallowed my pride an hobbled over to Patient First.

For a brief moment, I thought about heading here:

I figured that I could easily dull the pain with some thing there. But I made the right choice and ended going here:

And left with this lovely parting gift:

Arrgghhhh… so much for getting back on my running schedule.


Vacation 2.0

Last weekend was supposed to be our last big hurrah before the upcoming fall. We had some camping to do, the OAR concert to go to, and general laziness to get accomplished. After all of that fell through, (and deciding to get out of the inferno that is our house) we booked a room for a couple of nights at the Downtown Marriott to redeem what was supposed to be last weekend’s mini vacation.

It might seem a little weird to go to a hotel that is less than, uhhmmmm, two miles away from where you live, but hotels hold a special place for our family. I don’t know why, but we heart hotels. It sucked that we were internet-less (because I refuse to pay 10 bucks for access…what a scam) but other than that, it was a great.

Anyhoo… some pictures from the weekend:

baby girl

josiah and jackie-boy

Downtown Marriott

Miller and Rhoads across the street