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Cafe Cuba… or why I love hoodblogs…

I was reading Hill and Heights and I came across their little blurb about Cafe Cuba (via Style Weekly) opening up in Stratford Hills so we immediately packed everyone up and headed cross’ the river. I am deliriously happy that I came across that, because not only are the owners (Rene and Adis) some of the nicest people, but the food is as authentic as it comes.
It took me away to my days back in Miami… popping in to little cuban shops, having a media noche, a cafe con leche and some flan for dessert. It had been awhile since I have had an authentic cuban meal like that, and if you are into that sort of thing, then head over and say hi to them… I’m sure you’ll love it.


10k weekend wrap up…

This weekend was a mad crazy rush to get things done. We had the 10k to get to, a house to clean up, and friends to entertain and hang out with. With a big sigh of relief we accomplished all and had a lazy Sunday to help recover from all the running around.

The wife was this year’s 10k participant. I did it last year and had a pretty good showing, but my knee surgery kept me out of this year’s race. Not only did she do it, but she kicked some serious butt. I am so proud of her. She’s a bit like me… ultra competitive and driven. I know she wasn’t exactly where she wanted to be in her running regimen, but she did awesome. It inspired me to get off my butt and back in the gym, and I am officially dropping my name in the hat for next year’s race.

After the wife was done running, we had a good time cheering people on, and even saw some of our friends finishing the race. It was fun cheering other people on, and giving them that extra little push towards the end.

After all that, we headed to Fuddruckers for a post race burger, then headed home to clean up the house. It was a mad dash to get everything ready, but once everything was done, we had a great time hanging out with our friends. Food, beer, fun… it ended up being a great day.


Duke who??? It’s VCU baby!!!!

WOW!!! Go VCU!!!!!!


Small minded people suck… revisited

A couple of months ago, I posted about an anonymous comment my company received on a website that “outs” companies who hire illegal labor.
The bad news is that we haven’t had much luck in having the information removed. The good news is that Style Weekly got a hold of the story and did a great job digging some more information and helping us get our side of the story out.

Yea for Style Weekly and reporter Chris Dovi.


The Buzz on West of The Boulevard News…

Some snippets on the launch of

John Sarvay“When whining makes a difference”
The 804 blog gives us the first round
River City Rapids also give us the thumbs up…

And special thanks again to John for nudging us in the right direction. Also Ross for all the awesome design and coding!

Remember to keep checking in, we *LOVE* comments, and need tips, events, features, and questions to keep you guys informed about what is going on in our community. Send us your comments and questions to


A recap… three days too late…

The online world and the real world came together for me this week when I met Lindsey’s boyfriend during a meeting at my work. I spent most of the meeting wondering where I knew him from and finally asked him after we were done. The funniest exchange came when we both commented on how we don’t remember much from our respective childhoods. Except the beatings. Somehow I always find that conversation kind of awkward and funny all at the same time.

I’ve decided to give up TV. Well, Not *all* TV, since I really can’t give up The Office or Jon Stewart, but most TV. Our TV viewing habits hit a new low when The Real Housewives of the OC came on and I watched it. I wonder if God can tack that hour back on to the end of my life. Right now the wife is watching Engaged & Underaged on MTV while I silently die on the inside.

If I was a waiter or waitress and I saw us coming in to my restaurant, I’d want to turn and run. Much to their credit, most have kept their professionalism and done a great job. I’ll go ahead and say it… I would have a hard time serving a table with three kids under six, specially when one of those kids is Lucy. I love Lucy to death, but man, she can just about ruin any eating out experience. It’s not her fault, really. It’s just that we forget. We forget how awful the last time was and we try to subject her to an hour of sitting down. It doesn’t work. Just this past Saturday, we took a walk through Carytown, went to the toy store, and decide to go grab some burgers. The whole afternoon can be summarized this way: A lovely walk interrupted by the lunch from hell. Of course I’m exaggerating, but since I can’t really remember what my burger tasted like since I wolfed it down trying to get out of there as soon as possible, I’ll chalk it up as a not so good eating experience. We walked out of there a little more disheveled, and determined to give our little gets-in-to-everything mess maker a break from the restaurant circuit.

Although it is Tuesday morning, I am finally glad last week is over. Yup, that means that I am about three days too late, and now I’m a day behind on crap I have to get done for this week. I’m not sure how many more projects I can take on, but a little part of me is glad that I have an abudance of things to do instead of the usual three month brain drain that happens during the wintertime at my work.

And last, but not least, my favorite new site this week:

I did not know that yesterday! Because you can’t ever have too much knowledge. (via Chris Glass)

Have a great week my friends!

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A hoodblog is born…

Ross (of Haduken and RVA blogs fame) and I have taken the challenge that was put out there by John (who runs a couple of great sites ) and are in the works to roll out a hoodblog for the Carytown and Museum District area. We are very excited about this project, and would love to see some more Richmond area bloggers take it upon upon themselves, specially since it seems the RTD is about to roll out their own neighborhood style blogs. As John pointed out, there are some serious problems with that scenario.

So… If you have any interest, please contact one of us. It’s not as overwhelming as it sounds, and it will be a *huge* benefit to our communities.

Also, we would like to receive some input from Museum/Carytown people… or your help! If you want to be part of this, drop me a line at


Incredible Beauty, Incredible Evil: The Harvey Murders One Year Later

This heartfelt piece was written by my sister Jen Lemen. I’ve posted an excerpt here.

Something about all this broke my heart wide open. “Something has to be done, right?” I said to my sister the next morning. I could tell she felt like crying, too. “I don’t know how to say it, but if hate wins in this thing, if the weight of this evil stamps out the last shred of compassion–or the last bit of hope–then we’re in worse trouble than before, right?” We sat on the phone in silence. Neither one of us thought more killing or despair would solve anything, but it wasn’t our place to say. We understood that we did not know even in part what it felt like to lose someone you loved in such an incredible, vicious way. We knew nothing of whatever terror had brought Gray or Dandridge to this final moment.

Full text can be found over at


Richmond’s own Ball Drop…

From the RTD

Carytown NYE
On the street in front of the Byrd Theatre (2908 West Cary St.)
Want to watch the ball drop and celebrate New Year’s Eve in Carytown? For the first time ever, Carytown is hosting its own New Year’s Eve celebration in the tradition of the Times Square. The street in front of the Byrd Theatre will be transformed into an outdoor theater and beer garden, complete with live sets by Johnny Cash cover band, Black Cash and the Bad Trips and local indie rock acts the OK Bird and Duchess of York. DJ Jack McHale from WRIR 97.3 FM will be spinning music and there will be vendor booths serving hot and cold refreshments. As midnight approaches, a custom-made, lighted ball will drop down and countdown to welcome in the new year. RVA Magazine and Carytown Merchants Association have gathered together to host the event to benefit the Byrd Theatre Foundation and in memory of the Harvey Family. 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Free.


Carytown’s Holiday Open House

Be sure to check it out! Different events that run December 6th through the 10th.
Kicks off with The Byrd’s Grand Illumination. More info at