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it’s just a reminder…

that someone, somewhere is having a worse day than I have had…


sorry for the shitty quality of the picture, but all I had was my camera phone on me. And yes, there is a car underneath that mess, I drove by about five minutes after it had happened, and I needed to get gas… glad it wasn’t me!

Another worse, slightly crappier picture after the jump…



Our President reads… ???

I came across this article that says George W. Bush has read 60 books this year. Sixty Books??? Really? Come on, by my calculations this means he has to read at least an hour and a half every day. I’m guessing most books have at least 500 pages, multiply that by 60, comes out to 30,000 pages. Divide that by 365 days, and you get 82 pages a day. At a minimum of a page a minute, that’s about 1 1/2 hours per day. And that’s if he started on January 1st.

I’m no literary giant, but I’ve read a couple of books this year, and the biggest challenge has been finding the time to read. I’m a pretty busy guy; family and work usually take up all my time. How can he find the time to read sixty freakin books??? The next question is do I really believe that he has read them. Ummmmm, I’m going to have to go with a big fat NO. I call BS on you, Mr. President.

From US News…

George W. Bush a bookworm? White House aides say it’s so. The born-again president’s literary interests start with the predictable, such as his daily readings from the Bible. But he also enjoys books about Abraham Lincoln, his political hero, and, of course, yarns about baseball-in a past life, he was, after all, the managing partner of the Texas Rangers. Staffers say the president is actually engaged in an informal contest with White House senior adviser Karl Rove to see who can read more books this year. The latest score card has Bush ahead 60-50.


Small minded people suck…

This was posted anonymously online about my company:

Well to start with – they did not show up on May 1 to pickup all the equipment we rented over the weekend. That also happened to be day of the “boycott”. I get home the following evening to find 2 people that speak only spanish and 1 american that is their manager/translator. Had I known they were to use non US labor I would have never done business with them.

This was my response:

While it is true that XXXXX hires “non US labor”, we do so by legal means. Our workers are contracted for work for the season. We undergo a rigorous process that is approved by the US Labor Department. Our workers hold H2B visas, and are entirely legal. These gentlemen are hard workers, pay their taxes, are respectful and return to their families when the season is over.

Our not picking up on the referenced day had nothing to do with the “boycott”. Our workers did not even realize that such a thing was going on. We simply had an abundance of work and had to delay their pickup. It is our opinion that it is a small minded point of view to think that because there are non English speaking people on a job site that they are illegal aliens.

We can see the benefit of a website such as yours, but the danger is that people can anonymously post information without any facts. That you do not contact that employer to verify such claims does not give an equal voice in the process. We understand that there are many businesses hiring illegally, but XXXXXX has NEVER hired anyone illegally and we can prove so with all our documentation. We ask you to kindly remove the post above, as it can negatively impact our business. You may contact me at XXXXXXX if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

Director of Operations

The wife thinks I was too nice, that I should have given them shit for allowing someone to make a flippant comment without any facts. I’m giving them a couple of days before contacting a lawyer. On their site, they claim that anything posted there is “alleged.” I have no idea on the legality of it, so I’m wondering what they can or cannot do. If you say something is alleged, can you pretty much write anything you want about anybody??

Needless to say, I’m pretty pissed off about this. It bothers me on so many levels, (I am hispanic, and also a US citizen) but mostly I can’t help to think of how much of an idiot this person is, and how small minded. Anyone have any thoughts?


I’m not going to jail today…

I’ve had this court case hanging over me for about four months now, and although I hadn’t thought about it too much, I finally faced up to it this week.

Way back in September, my company produced an event up in the fine city of Fredericksburg. We seem to have pissed off the the fire marshall up there (over something very small), because he refused to issue the necessary permits until someone from my company(me) showed up and made the necessary adjustments. What I didn’t know is that he already had a summons written up and ready for me as soon as I got there.

Needless to say, I was very polite, figuring I could talk my way out of it. No such luck. Summons issued, and I had to appear before a judge to be arraigned.

In conversations with my lawyer, she tried to reassure me with words such as continuance, dismissal, not guilty… ALL I heard was “sure, there is a possibility of jail time, but lets’ not think about that too much.”


Long story short, she was able to work out a plea with the court where it gets continued, and then dismissed in a year, provided I don’t piss off any more fire marshalls in the great state of VA. Woohooo. Way to go Mr. Public-I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO-official, thanks.


Have a spare six grand?

How about ordering up Hardee’s newest combo, available ONLY in Vegas.


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Barack, Bobby and me

So there we were, last night in my dream, trying to get the kids out the door and into the truck. That’s when the phone rang and when I answered, It was Barack Obama on the line. The wife was not pleased with me answering the phone, because any little distraction means that I will be that much slower getting out the door. So Sen. Obama starts chatting with me (those details are a bit fuzzy) but we talk like we are lifelong friends. I keep telling the wife to lower the radio, but when I turn around, there sits Bobby Brown signing “Tender Roni.” And not cracked out Bobby, but smooth, suave Bobby. I ask him to sign a bit quieter, and as he heads to another room, I go back to chatting with the Senator.

What a weird combination. Any dream interpreters out there?


Will the real George Washington please stand up.

This article on NPR hopes to take the boring out of George Washington, but if you really want to be entertained, watch the video below. It is the best video on Washington that can’t be watched by kids or your mother. (No,seriously, dont watch it if your mother would be easily offended; or your boss)


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